Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blog Post #1

                                I have chosen the Johnson Center located on the University of Kentucky campus as my location.  I picked it because it’s the place on campus that I can go to relax and workout after a long day of classes.  The Johnson Center isn’t just a place to go to exercise, they offer activities called “Outdoor Pursuits” that get you off campus.  Some of these pursuits consist of:
·         Rock Climbing
·         Backpacking
·         White Water Rafting
·         Adventure Hiking
·         Day Hiking
·         Bouldering
·         Snow Skiing
In addition to these outdoor activities, the Johnson Center also offers many intermural sports for both males and females. These sports include:
·         3-on-3 basketball (Men’s and Women’s)
·         Volleyball (Men’s, Women’s, and Coed)
·         Flag Football League (Men’s, Women’s, Coed)
·         Tug-o-war
·         Corn hole
·         Golf
·         Individual Triathlon
·         Kickball
·         Adventure Races
·         Tennis
·         Outdoor Soccer
·         Turkey Trot Run
·         Swimming
·         Wiffleball
·         Badminton
The University of Kentucky also offers club sports which is more competitive than intermural sports. It is another great way to meet new people and get to play the sport you participated in in high school.  The club sports include:
·         Badminton
·         Basketball
·         Bass Fishing
·         Boxing
·         Cheerleading
·         Dodgeball
·         Dressage and Eventing
·         Equestrian
·         Ice Hockey
·         Kayak
·         Kendo
·         Lacrosse (Men’s and Women’s)
·         Polo
·         Rodeo
·         Rugby (Men’s and Women’s)
·         Running
·         Shaolin-do
·         Shotgun
·         Soccer (Men’s and Women’s)
·         Softball
·         Tae Kwon Do
·         Tennis
·         Ultimate Frisbee (Men’s and Women’s)
·         Volleyball(Men’s and Women’s)
·         Water Polo
·         Western Equestrian
·         Work Out of the Day
·         Wrestling
All of these activities are a good way to stay in shape while you are in college and also get to know new people.  Personally, coming from South Dakota, I did not know anyone.  I plan on joining the saddleseat riding club team to hopefully meet some people that are interested in the same activities that I am.  The Johnson Center is where I go every day after my classes, just to relax and clear my mind.

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"Campus Rec." University of Kentucky. N.p., 2011. Web. 11 Sept. 2014.


  1. Courtney,
    I think that the Johnson center is an amazing to place to do your project on!
    I personally didn't know that the Johnson Center held all those different types of activities! Now I am actually interesting in going to do the club cheerleading there! This was very helpful! I can't wait to see your presentation on Tuesday/Thursday!

  2. i had no idea the Johnson center had so many options. thanks for sharing!

  3. You definitely won't have an issue finding topics to write about! I didn't know UK offered half of these activities. I can't wait to learn more about the Johnson Center!