Friday, September 19, 2014

Blog post #3

I think overall my shark tank proposal went pretty well.  To be honest I wasn't expecting to have to go on Tuesday so I wasn't dress up or anything.  I think it helped in some ways, to go without expecting to, because I wasn't sitting there getting nervous, waiting for it to be my turn.  Normally before presentations when I have time to sit and think about it the more I freak myself out.  So that actually helped just to get up and do it.  When I present I always speak faster, like most people do.  I try to slow myself down but most of the time I still come up short on time.  Also I forget that I have note cards and instead of taking my time and explaining everything I have written out, I just read off the screen and say whatever I remember.  I think if I would have taken my time and read from my note cards the presentation would have taken up more time and went more smoothly.   I also think that I should have done a more specific topic.  Although, I love the Johnson center, a few people in the class chose that topic so I think if I would have maybe picked an intramural sports team or club sport, it would have also helped with my presentation.  Also I think it would have looked better if I was dressed in the business casual attire.  Although there was nothing I could do about it and I think it would have put a finishing touch on the presentation.  Overall though, I think the presentation went well.

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