Friday, September 19, 2014

Blog post #4

I actually enjoyed listening to most of the presentations given this week.  I was kind of dreading coming to class because most of the time, it is pretty boring to sit and listen to people present all class period.  For the most part, my classmates kept it pretty interesting.  There were some interesting organizations and locations on campus that I didn't know about so it was good to learn about those.  I think, like discussed in class, it would have been better if we had a clicker while presenting so we didn't have to stand behind the podium the entire speech.  I personally think eye contact is a huge part in presenting, although I know I am not the greatest at it.  I feel that everyone did a decent job of keeping their eyes up and only looking down every once in a while at their note cards.  Also I think that bothers me when people are presenting are when they say “like” and “um” constantly but surprisingly not too many people got hooked on that.  I also noticed that the people that used Prezi instead of the Microsoft PowerPoint, got my attention quicker.  I have seen so many PowerPoint presentations that when I automatically think it’s going to be boring.  In my future presentations, I think I will try and use Prezi instead of plain old power point.  Altogether, I think everyone did a really good job on their Shark Tank Proposals.  

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