Friday, October 10, 2014

Post #10

                For my second blog post this week, I decided to use the resources the library gave us last week.  These resources have really helped find information on the Pershing Rifles.  It was difficult finding information on just the Pershing Rifles here at the University of Kentucky but I have found the UK Explore have a lot of pictures, yearbooks, and journals that are available.  Most recently, I came across an article in a journal about the “Kentucky Babes.”  The Kentucky Babes are affiliated with the Pershing rifles.  They are an all-female version of the Pershing Rifles.  This article was written in 1975 when the Kentucky Babes won their first intercollegiate drill meet.  The team, in 1975, had thirteen female members in it.  These women went through six weeks of physical training during the fall semester to be able to compete as a member.  They also volunteered around the city of Lexington.  They visited local hospitals and served as the guards that carried the colors at commencement and for the Governor at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky.  I found this information very interesting because, if you read my last post, I talked about interviewing a female member to see how it is different.  I didn't realize that the Kentucky Babes was even a thing.  Although I’m not sure if this group is still around or if females and males all are in just the Pershing Rifles.  I also thought it was cool that they had thirteen active members because normally you don’t find very many females willing to participate in military like activities.  I was very excited to find this article about the females associated with the Pershing Rifles.  The only question that I still do have on this topic is if the Kentucky Babes are still around.  Hopefully by conducting an interview this coming week, I will be able to have this question answered.

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"KY Babes Win First Place in Intercolleigante Drill Meet." UK Explore Year Book Collection. 1974. 

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