Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Post #7

This past week, my WRD 110 class got to spend a class period in the library learning all about the online resources and databases that are offered through the university.  These resources have really helped me find more information on the Pershing Rifles, especially the one here at the University of Kentucky.  Probably my favorite information that I came across was the pictures that are on UK Explore.  There are hundreds of pictures of the Pershing Rifles almost every year, doing various activities.  They also have newspaper articles and yearbook articles that are interesting to read through.  These articles date back to the year 1936.  I have always found the historic information on any topic very interesting.  While researching I came across a newspaper article about the Pershing Rifles winning a Dayton University meet in 1939.  This was a record setting win for the Company, this was there seventh victory in the eight years of competition.  I thought the most interesting part of the article is how it talks about when they announced for Company C to step forward that it sounded like the whole Kentucky campus came to support them.  I thought this was really awesome because the University of Kentucky is kind of known for the support that the student body shows for athletics and organizations so to know that even in 1939 this was still the case was really cool.  After the team won this award, they got to stay overnight, and were taken the next day to ride in a new bomber named “The Flying Fortress,” at the Army Air Post.  I think going to the library and getting to learn about these databases really helped me find more information about the Pershing Rifles.

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