Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blog Post #11

                This week in WRD 110, we had to interview someone that was a member in the organization that we were grouped with.  I interviewed Sarah M. Schmitz who is a commander in the Pershing Rifles here at the University of Kentucky.  The following is the questions that were asked and Sarah’s response.
1.    1.   What made you want to join the Pershing Rifles?
·         Freshman year I was a part of the ROTC Living Learning Community.  It consisted of both Army and Air Force cadets so I did it as a way to be more connected with my Army friends that lived in the LLC. I also joined as a way to get better at ROTC and in better shape.

2.     2.  What is the most rewarding part of being in the Pershing Rifles?
·         The most rewarding part is defiantly the camaraderie that we have within our organization. We are a family honestly. I would be happy to serve next to or do anything for my brothers and sisters in this organization.

3.      3. What is the most challenging part of the Pershing Rifles?
·         The most challenging part is hands down the 10-12 week cycle you have to complete in order to call yourself a Pershing Rifle. You are tested mentally, physically and emotionally and it is easily the hardest thing I have had to push myself through this far in my life. It has really prepared me more for my military career.

4.       4.What is your role in the Pershing Rifles?
·         I am the Executive Officer, so the vice president of the company. I oversee the training of the candidates and the events that actives are participating in. 

5.       5.What is the mission of the Pershing Rifles?
·         To develop to the highest degree possible, outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline within the frame work of a military oriented honorary fraternity

6.      6. Explain drill meets and what occurs at them.
At drill meets drill teams performs routines that are based off military drill (marching maneuvers). We have our annual drill meet in the spring semester and invite local high school JROTC units to complete in drill and ceremonies here on UK’s campus and be evaluated by us. It is a great event that gets our name out to local perspective cadets.

7.       7.What are some accomplishments of the company here at the University of Kentucky?
·         We are amongst the most prestigious military organizations that you can join. We do many of the color guards for UK sporting events and around the local tri state area. On 9/11 we perform a 9/11 vigil where we put out a flag for every person killed on 9/11 across Admin Field and read off their names throughout the day while guarding the flags with riffle work. Our actives are in the top of their respective ROTC classes and have gotten to do some very prestigious training over the past summer.  The Lieutenants that come out of our company do very successful in active duty military.

8.      8. Is there training you have to go through to be able to join? If so, what does the training entail?
·         Yes, as stated above you have to complete a 10-12 week cycle that is a very physical and mental test. There is a lot of physical work, I was in the best shape of my life after going through cycle. We do campus runs, log PT, many pushups and much more. You also are training on military tactics and knowledge. Much of the training is secret so I hope this is enough to give you.

9.      9. Are there other requirements that a person has to meet to join the Pershing Rifles?
·         Yes, you have to get a certain score on an Army or Air Force physical fitness test and you must maintain a 2.7 GPA.

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Schmitz, Sarah M. Personal Interview. 16 October 2014.

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